The purpose of the continuous model improvement is to continuously reflect on the ASPLA-model and improve the interaction of the assessment result and the suggested improvement for the software development process.


Process related Outcome - Base Practices - Work Products

ProcO_05.01 Suggestions to improve the software development process are proposed by the ASPLA-Model.
BP_ProcO_05.01 Propose suggestion to improve the development process. Ensure that suggestions are available according to the evaluation and assessment result given by the ASPLA-Model.
A_09-03 Reuse policy
A_15-13 Assessment/audit report
ProcO_05.02 The efficiency of the development process is continuously evaluated.
BP_ProcO_05.02 Monitor development efficiency Ensure that metrics are selected to measure the efficiency and the implications on the process when suggestions for improvement are introduced.
A_03-03 Benchmarking data
A_03-06 Process performance data
A_07-04 Process measure
A_13-18 Quality record
A_15-16 Improvement Opportunity
A_18-07 Quality Criteria
ProcO_05.03 Best practices from the software development process are reduced into the ASPLA-Model.
BP_ProcO_05.03 Reduce Best Practices. Ensure that best practices from efficient software development processes are reduced into the suggestions given by the ASPLA-Model if they are not included so far.
A_08-29 Improvement Plan
A_15-16 Improvement Opportunity
ProcO_05.04 The ASPLA-Model is reviewed in a regular timeframe.
BP_ProcO_05.04 Review the ASPLA-Model. Ensure that the ASPA-Model is reviewed in a defined timeframe.
A_08-13 Quality Plan
A_08-13 Review Record
A_08-29 Improvement Plan
A_15-13 Assessment/audit report

Product related Outcome - Process Attributes - Work Products